The Foundation of Love

Relationships are an integral part of our lives and we all long for nourishing and fulfilling relationships- with a partner, within the family and with friends. To live a fulfilled, respectful, passionate and loving relationship where everyone remains an individual who is responsible for their own feelings, needs and wishes, needs a lot of awareness.

In this 3 day seminar we learn about the basics of love. In guided meditations and carefully designed exercises we explore our core wounds, as they are the source of conflicts in our relationships.

Often our partner or friend is only the trigger for feelings that are rooted much deeper. The real causes of feelings like anger, withdrawal, defiance or of blaming each other in relationships often lay way back in our childhood. We have forgotten how to take a stand for ourselves if we were invaded or rejected in any form.

Together we will relearn how to get in contact with our feelings and to consciously bring them into our relationships. Often this is the first step to dissolve resistances, conflicts and fears and leads to respect, harmony and understanding between two people. This seminar is about the conscious experience of connection and autonomy, about intimacy and distance. In the encounter with others the personal space is very important to feel happy, free and fulfilled.

The seminar is focused on self-responsibility, non-violent communication and the appreciation of who we are. It offers the possibility of deep self exploration with a non-confronting and sensitive work that is very effective. There will also be space for individual questions and requests.

Among others, topics will include:

  • learning to really accept myself with all my fear, shame and insecurity
  • regain trust in ourselves and love ourselves for what we are, away from all beliefs of not being good enough or wrong
  • the dance between intimacy and individuation. We learn to come closer to each other while still giving space
  • recognizing expectations as the biggest saboteurs of love
  • getting in contact with our vulnerability to create an openness for deep love and intimacy in our lives- with ourselves and others
  • clear communication: we learn to express our needs with a quality of mutual respect and understanding

We are looking forward to meet you, with or without a partner!


  • the workshops take place in Munich, Knöbelstrasse 24 (U-Bahn „Lehel“ or S-Bahn „Isartor“)
  • starting Fridays at 10am; ending Sundays at around 2pm
  • Hotels and B&Bs for Munich are available online
  • more information will be given after registration

Here you can register for the seminar.