Why horses

In dreams, mythic tales and the tribal knowledge of many cultures, the horse is a universal symbol for our rootedness in our instintive self. Horses are a mirror of our soul, our reality. Their attention is always in the here and now and their actions always authentic.

Horses rely one hundred percent on the leader of their herd and wild horses entrust them with their lives. The lead mare leads the herd, it decides on direction and speed, intuitively and authentic. Authentic means real. Horses  don’t compromise when it comes to their safety and well-being and are highly sensitive regarding their trust and connection with humans.

Horses are able to feel any lack of congruence between the words and actions of a person, between the pretended and the real feeling, the inner and the outer reality of a person. Horses feel inauthenticity and react with withdrawal or indifference. Authenticity creates trust. We all know situations, where we „grin and bear it“ and maybe smile while we are angry, afraid or resentful.

With people, horses are open, unbiased and have no hidden agenda,  unlike humans, who often have, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore horses give us feedback free of judgement and conditions, which makes it so valuable. Thanks to their instinctive behavior, we are compelled to look closely to recognize what is really happening and present this very moment.

Horses can be a neutral mirror of our self. When we recognize who we really are and what drives us, we can follow our intuition and our inner guidance to a more fullfilled and happy life that mirrors our true values. With proven exercises with and without horses, in sharings and feedbacks we create a save space free of any pressure or expectation, enabling everyone to work individually and in their own speed


„Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.“