Equine Guided Education

Horses have an unbiased and unconditional nature and the ability and willingness to enter every encounter with us freshly and without judgement. They serve as neutral mirror of our soul and our conditioning and make this work so valuable for everyone.

The interaction with the horse allows us deep insights to see where we are aligned with our intentions and values and where we are limited by our old habits and beliefs and not in flow. In interactive exercises with the horses we begin to define our goals and explore ways to get there.

The focus of this work is not on horseback riding. It is about reconnecting with our potential and our inquisitive and curios self. It is about getting back in line with what really has meaning for us and touches our hearts.

Our work has the intention of helping people find the way to reconnect with their needs, feelings, visions and goals, so they can actively align their lives accordingly and live their life with intention and awareness.

It is about being aware and authentic, about knowing one’s priorities and boundaries and being true to them. It is about effective ways of communication and successful implementation.

Equine Guided Education (EGE) is a possibility to learn to follow our intuition, listen to our unique calling and to be a stand for change for the future we all need.


„It’s a natural part of life to find oneself, at some unexpected point in time, at a new intersection-a place where we ask ourselves the questions: Am I living the life I am destined to live? What do I need to do differently to get back in a flow in my life?“

Ariana Strozzi



The EGEA (Equine Guided Education Association) was founded by Ariana Strozzi in the USA. She is a pioneer in the field of horse assisted personal development and has been working with horses and people from all walks of life since 1980. We have both been trained by Ariana Strozzi to be “Equine Guided Educators”.

EGE is for everyone interested in expanding their knowledge and capacities around the process of self exploration and personal growth, professionally and personally. EGE enables participants to identify new goals and to develop clear steps towards those goals.

EGE assists in personal growth with the help of horses. The combination of a human coach and a horse as leader enables a unique coaching experience that greatly enhances self-reflection, self-awareness, self-understanding and self-responsibility. The coach here serves as translator, trying to best convey the horses messages and reactions.

The EGE process integrates kinesthetic learning and cognitive insight. By experiencing that, we can develop a healthy self image and new thought- and behavioral patterns to reach our personal and professional goals in life.