Therapy & Coaching

We deeply believe that every person is unique and that every person holds the perfect solution for their problems within themselves. Everyone has a whole and perfect essence which can be uncovered by recognizing old patterns and unconscious conditioning. Our work is oriented towards these self-healing and self-regulating forces, the inner wisdom and therefore the potential that lies within each and every one of us , waiting to be discovered and developed. We would love to support you in finding and living your true potential!

We work individually or as couple in coaching sessions or through a therapeutic process. Clients wanting to go deeper in therapeutic sessions are supported with elements of Gestalt, inner child work, Somatic Experiencing as well as a systemic and constructivist approach in times of change, a crisis or upcoming decisions. Meditation and mindfulness exercises assist this process.

Our work aims to show people a way to reconnect with their very own yet often unconscious needs, feelings, wishes and goals, to be able to actively align their life accordingly.


„You don’t have to understand Life’s nature,
then it becomes a grand affair.
Let every day just of itself occur
like a child walks away from every hurt
and happens upon the gift of many flowers.
To collect and the blossoms spare,
that never enters the child’s mind.
She gently unties them from her hair,
where they were kept captive with such delight,
and the hands of the loving, youthful years
reach out to embrace the new.“

Rainer Maria Rilke