Couples seminar with horses „Time for us!“

Relationships can be a haven for healing, development and growth. For it to be so, the dynamics in couple relationships require attention and awareness from both sides. An important step in that direction is taking on responsibility for ones own emotions and patterns, by recognizing and honoring them- then we can encounter one another as mature human beings in a beautiful relationship. Then trust, openness, vulnerability, passion and connection can thrive in our relationships.

This weekend is based on the structure of our „Self awareness with horses“ seminars with special emphasis on couples dynamics. Our horse guided couples seminar is about exploring our own needs, about seeing my role in my relationships and whether I am standing in my power or am limiting myself.

It’s about being able to recognize, feel and set healthy boundaries, developing my natural presence, consciously allowing vulnerability, communicating adequately, overcome fears and believing in myself and others.

Thanks to different exercises with and without the horses we will to explore old patterns that cause separation and isolation. We create space to build a relationship not based on fear and clinging, but on love and dignity, aliveness and mutual respect.

We will dedicate these three days to relationship challenges and individual questions and find answers thanks to the horses. We invite you to discover new things about yourself and your relationship to be able to overcome challenges and find your center.

This seminar is for couples, we work in small groups of max. 6 people. The work does not involve any riding and no previous experience with horses is needed.

We look forward to meeting you!


  • the workshops take place at the Klokerhof in Windach am Ammersee (near Munich)
  • starting Fridays at 10am; ending Sundays at around 2pm
  • Hotels and B&Bs are available, we will send you a list with options
  • more information will be given after registration

Here you can register for the seminar. Please indicate the requested dates in your registration.