Horses are incredibly helpful in assisting us to reconnect with ourselves and mother nature. Their power, grace, freedom and their highly sensitive and unbiased nature make them perfect facilitators for our individual sessions.

With the help of meditation and mindful exercises with and without the horses we can experience what really has heart and meaning for me, heal what has been broken and experience true connection. Therefore we find our center and orientation to walk our path with courage and integrity.

The individual sessions with horses are perfect for people facing challenges in their professional or private life, important decisions or who are looking to solve a crisis or support. We also help clients with their alignment in life and the development of a sustainable vision. In these complex times it is important to face our individual and global challenges and think carefully about our choices. From time to time we should question what it really means to live a fulfilled and happy life.

The work does not include any horseback riding and no horse related experiences are necessary!

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„The body is the shore on the ocean of being.“

Sufi wisdom