Training „Equine Assisted Coach“

Train with us to work as Equine Assisted Coach. This training will enable you to deepen your personal exploration and give you the basic tools and a solid understanding of horse guided personal development. We offer this training to therapists, coaches and people in healing professions or social workers, who want to incorporate horses into their work.

Participation is also possible for people wanting to deepen their own personal exploration, recognize their patterns and create a life full of love, joy and creativity.

In our experience a good, sustainable and professional training needs time- therefore our training takes one week with the possibility to also participate at a 4 day „Train the Trainer“ program the year after. There will be an additional offer of supervision or personal sessions with us in person or via Skype. These 6+4 days assure an appropriate amount of theoretical and practical knowledge to offer this deep and healing work for groups and individuals. It will provide you with a broad spectrum of exercises, deep self exploration and a lot of possibilities to practice your facilitation skills. Regular meetings with other graduates support the exchange of experiences and the ongoing development of the horse assisted work.

Content of the training:

  • the Coaches values and attitude
  • how to safely and effectively invite the horses
  • how to chose the right horses
  • how to read and interpret the horses behavior, language and signs
  • self exploration in exercises, meditation and awareness practices
  • definition and understanding of: projection, transference and countertransference, self reflection
  • basic Coaching tools and further theory
  • training of intuition, awareness, presence, emotional intelligence and self awareness
  • the art of feedback
  • a broad repertoire of exercises, how to facilitate them and how they are applicable
  • how to facilitate useful, deep and effective interventions
  • practical experience in facilitating
  • group dynamics and how to facilitate groups
  • organizational issues, marketing, insurance
  • therapeutical settings, Team and Leadership coaching with horses (Train the Trainer)
  • plenty of time for individual questions

The the participants’ and the horses’ safety is our priority, as well as passing on the theoretical and practical aspects of this work. Therefore we only take participants with prior experience with horses. At the end of the training, the participants have the opportunity of leading the exercises independently. Successful participation of the training and the Train the Trainer will result in a certification.

We are deeply convinced that we have to experience that what we wish to pass on, therefore a big part of our training consists in self exploration for each participant. The theory will be taught with ease and joy, paired with elements of meditation, sharing and free time to integrate.
Our training is less about concepts and more about the right attitude.

Please contact us if you have any questions or insecurities. We will talk personally to each participant before the training.


  • Training: 17. to 22. May 2021
  • Training: 20. to 25. September 2021
  • “Train the Trainer”: 22. to 25. April 2021
  • At the moment we offer Trainings only in German.


  • Cost for 6 days Trining: 2.590 € (inkl. Mwst.) per Person
  • Cost for 4 days “Train the Trainer”: 1.590 € (inkl. Mwst.) per Person


  • The Training is taking place at the Klokerhof near Windach am Ammersee (Bayern).
  • We start on Monday at 10 am until Saturday between 5 and 6 pm.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

If you need more information, please contact us!