Our life is in flow and change is the only constant. To surrender to this flow means to be connected to oneself and what is, to question oneself, to be curious, conscious and listen to our inner voice.

When we do that, we can experience new depths every day and get to know ourselves and each other always new and fresh. We can take our desicions more freely, stop reacting and start responding consciously instead. A life of learning means proceeding in the inner and outer world and always evolving as a person.

We assist people who want to go deeper in exploring the roots of limiting beliefs and patterns. With these new insights and emotions we can go one step further to give space to whatever wants to show itself. Individual sessions are a perfect space to give intense attention to our body, mind and spirit to heal old wounds and open up to joy. We work with a holistic approach that includes the physical and spiritual self-healing forces, nature and meditation.

We offer our work individually or as couple for therapeutic processes or coaching sessions.


„Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived.“