Falling in love is one of lifes most passionate and exciting gifts- we feel connected, alive and the world seems to be more colourful.

Sometimes this fresh feeling fades after a while and our love relations or close friendships start being more complicated, the longer we are together and the deeper we go. Intimacy brings out deeply buried wounds- disapointments, old hurts and frustrations that come from unsatisfied needs in our childhood. Unconsciously we project these old wounds on our loved ones and friends. Without deeper understanding of the dynamics of love and intimacy we can easily get lost in hurts, conflicts, misunderstanding or even separate. With a deep understanding we can grow and overcome the drama and difficulties.

Different exercises with and without the horses help us to discover and explore old patterns that cause conflict and disconnection One important step is to take full responsability for one’s own emotions and patterns, to get to know them to be able to connect as mature humans. Like that trust, honesty, intimacy, vulnerability and respect can become the foundation of a relationship. When we learn to feel our old wounds, our aliveness and passion come back.

We have been couple for over 10 years, our marriage has been through deep love, connection and joy, as well as painful moments of loss, disconnection and pain. Our personal path of growth and learning serves us as a basis for working with couples and we view a partnership as never ending well of inspiration for personal growth and spiritual practice.

We assist couples or individuals in sessions as well as in our seminars.

The work does not include any horseback riding and no horse related experiences are necessary!


„We are all involved in relationships. Indeed, we are all in relationship with everything and everyone, all of the time. Everything that we know and experience about ourselves, we understand within the context created by our relationships.

For this reason, relationships are sacred—all relationships.
And somewhere within the deepest reaches of our heart and soul, we know it.
That is why we yearn so for relationships—and for relationships of meaning.“

Neale Donald Walsh