Self awareness with horses

“Am I leading my life, or is my life leading me?” is a question we should ask ourselves from time to time. Our horse guided coaching is about becoming „real“ and experiencing authenticity. We want to reconnect to our intuition and regain our trust in it.

Are you facing an important decision, a challenge in your professional or private life, need clarity for your vision or strength for a crisis? Are you ready for the next step in your personal growth? This work has the goal to open a path for people to rediscover their innermost but often unconscious or suppressed needs, feelings, goals and visions, so that they can align their lives and relationships to this inner guidance.

We’ll dedicate three days to your very personal questions and find answers with the help of the horses.

This workshop is for individuals or couples. We work in small groups of max. 6 people. This work does not include any riding and no previous experiences with horses are needed!

Day 1. Awareness and sensations: I encounter myself, a day of experiencing yourself
Often we are not conscious of our feelings and emotions. We have been automatically denying them for many years. by not feeling and acknowledging them, we miss the information they have for us. If we feel ourselves, we are present in the here and now and we can feel and recognize what is important and even vital for us!

We become whole when we allow the suppressed and denied. We learn something about ourselves and our actions. It heals us and helps us become empathic and authentic human beings- as parents, colleagues or boss, as partner or friend.

Day 2. Setting boundaries: recognize my true needs and priorities and act accordingly 
We all know the situation when someone speaks to us in a patronizing or authoritarian way, overlooks or hurts us. In our families and partnerships, in our jobs under performance pressure or with close friends we often have difficulties to say no and often forget our own needs.

As children we had to bear our boundaries being disrespected to not risk the crucial love and support we needed for survival. We adapted ourselves or we rebelled, however at our cost. We never learned setting healthy boundaries

To be able to cultivate a sensitive and loving relationship with ourselves, we firstly have to become aware again of our very individual and sensitive boundaries. Then, a natural balance between openness, boundaries and communication can rise. You are worth standing up for yourself!

Day 3. I walk my own speed: Communicating and living it in my relationships
This last day is dedicated to help you align yourself with what has meaning for you and to take all that you discovered and learned into your life. Setting priorities and boundaries, being present, respect and being respected, gaining courage and trust, setting and achieving goals, overcoming fear and believing in yourself and others.

By feeling what is really important for me and by communicating it lovingly, we can create and sustain serene relationships. This gives uns freedom and strength to live an autonomous and happy life.

These three days are a possibility for you to regain trust in your intuition, listen to your very unique calling and take a stand for change.

We look forward to meeting you!


  • the workshops take place at the Klokerhof in Windach am Ammersee (near Munich)
  • starting Fridays at 10am; ending Sundays at around 2pm
  • Hotels and B&Bs are available, we will send you a list with options
  • more information will be given after registration

Here you can register for the seminar. Please indicate the requested dates in your registration.