For millennia humans have practiced and cultivated meditation. They are looking for silence, inner peace, relaxation and a harmonious connection to themselves and their environment. To go within, to observe, to listen and feel helps us arrive in the here and now and to truly become aware and tuned into oneself and the world.

To be mindful with all that shows itself creates space for presence, depth and a high state of awareness. Thoughts about the past and future make room to the overwhelming wonder of this very moment. Everything is allowed to be just as it is, we simply observe in silence. Boundaries dissolve and the deep peace we all are yearning for arises.

More and more we sink into ourselves, into our body that grounds our unsteady minds. Meditation is healing, bedded in the silence from which everything arises.

We invite you to an evening of meditation. Everyone who is looking for some rest and silence in these hectic times or who just wants to join into the shared field to recharge is welcome:

We meet every other Monday from 7.30 to 9.30pm

– at the moment we are on parental leave –

Address: Knöbelstr. 24, back building  (top floor), Munich

Contributions on donation basis

Please register here

 We will meditate according to our needs two times for about 30 minutes with 15 minute breaks. We are looking forward to meeting you!


About silence:

It is the lovely silence that enchants me, that heals me. She creates space for me to grow by standing still and explore new realms without moving.

The silence is within me, a place that gives me the strength to sink into the ocean of dissolution. In silence mindfulness is born, awareness that reflects itself through the miracle of life and shows me the beauty of every felt wave in the ocean of being.

Silence is the fruit of Love that comes to life when all doubts and fears of the mind dissolve.

Silence is the warm wind of high summer, that caresses me lightly, the prayer that reaches me from the depths and the divine peace that fills me when all past and future merge in this very moment to create the highest joy of being in the now.