Schedule 2017

Our seminars are about discovering unconscious patterns and emotions, to allow them and integrate them. The energy of a group is very supportive for personal development work and the mirror of other people can be extremely helpful and healing. That makes the work in groups so valuable.

Self awareness with horses

August 11th - 13th,  2017

We invite you to explore and discover yourself in order to be able to cope better with challenges and feel aligned and in integrity with your life. This workshop is for individuals or couples.

Couples seminar with horses "Time for us!"

September 08th - 10th,  2017

This weekend is for you and your partner. Together we create space to build a relationship based on love, vitality and respect. We emphasize on individual couples dynamics. This seminar is for couples only.

Living love

November 10th - 12th,  2017

In this three day seminar for individuals and couples we learn about the basics of love, so that we can create and sustain loving, deep and fulfilled relationships.